Selasa, 02 Mei 2017

Dewath x Paman Gober

Helloo guyss!!,
So, i would like to share my moment on last month (actually a few weeks).
So, this event names is "Dewa Athena". This is stands for "Olimpiade siswa, ajang tunjuk kebolehan, eksistensi, dan kebersamaan siswa" Yes, hahaha i know what you think.
Dewa Athena is a competition or tournament between classes in the sport that aims to raise a sporty attitude, solid and enhance the sense of spirit of exercise in students.
It held on 23,24 March, for 32018 (my senior), and, 25 March and 1 April for 32019. After that, the finalist will be meet on 8 April. There is 8 type of competition. It were football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, dodge ball, relay, tug of war, and 'gobak sodor'.
To be honest, i don't really like to play sport, any type of sport. But, because there was many of competition, I was choosed to be a gobak sodor's player. Unfortunately, we lose in first round. Besides that, i replaced my friend position on relay. but unfortunately again, i lose the competition :(.
Okay,, so,,,, actually, the Dewath ended with another event which named "Paman Gober" or "Penanaman dan gowes bersama", but because something, Paman gober was held in the middle of Dewath
After all, i feel enjoyed with this event. Why? i think it because 'altruism'. Yes, doesn't matter you happy or sad, the most important thing is the other happy, Right?

Senin, 27 Februari 2017

Crossword Puzzle

            Helloo Guyss!, so i want to post about my task last tuesday.

Yes that day we couldn't studying english conducively because the laboratorium is used for exam. First, we are given 100 different letters, then we make the letters into a scramble. Yes, it's hard hard easy, because sometimes i didn't know what letter should i choose. This is my work, oh yea, green numbering meaning vertically, and blue number mean horizontally.

1. A written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. 
2. A fruit consisting of a hard or tough shell around an edible kernel. 
3. A technique in gymnastic 
4. Can’t be created and can’t be vanished. It only can be converted 
5. Casual way to greet 
6. Flying mammal 
7. A small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired 
8. Break up and move earth with a tool or machine, or with hands, paws, snout, etc.. 
9. The female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth. 
10. The direction toward the point of the horizon where the sun sets at the equinoxes, on the left-hand side of a person facing north, or the part of the horizon lying in this direction. (!!??) 
11. Stand for very important person 
12. A reptile that typically has a long body and tail, four legs, movable eyelids, and a rough, scaly, or spiny skin. 13. Fixed or arranged in advance. 
14. A person who advises or shows the way to others. 
15. A type of bomb placed on or just below the surface of the ground or in the water that detonates when disturbed by a person, vehicle, or ship. 

1. The lower extremity of the leg below the ankle, on which a person stands or walks. 
2. A demosticated bovine animal kept for milk or meat 
3. An instrument composed of a blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon. 
4. Someone often do it if he/she is very sad 
5. Although it’s not finished yet, at ___ I have done half of it 
6. This name of this animal has a meaning that is “nose horn” 
7. An area of land immediately adjacent to a building 
8. Ask (someone) earnestly or humbly for something. 
9. The lower end, tip, or point of something, in particular. 
10. A brief swim. 
11. Push oneself off a surface and into the air by using the muscles in one's legs and feet. 
12. Brand of a sandal 
13. A different or distinct form or version of something. 
14. An instance of a relief pitcher saving a game.

Oh, i forgot to tell you, i complete this task with my seatmate, Muhtadi Ihsan. Btw, he done major of task, because he so ambis when i wasn't at classroom

Senin, 20 Februari 2017


What is nature? Nature is everything around us. Trees, animals, sky, sun and everything above us is nature. Essentially, we are all made from nature. Why can I say that?  Because everything on our body is made from nature. We eat from animals which come from nature, we drink from water which come from nature, and we breath from air which also come from nature.
If you think deeply, all in this world is balance and relatable. Sun and moon, day and night, man and woman. Without a single one of these components, this world won't be stable. This world will on dystopia, an unbalanced world which won’t be last long. Let’s look on this example, some of we maybe thought spider and tiger don’t have any relation. But, if one of them are not exist in this world, there is no chance to other to live. Yes, it’s like Domino effect or Butterfly effect. A very small difference can lead to extreme difference. It prove how important single unit on this world, even one cell of bacteria. Same things appear on inanimate objects. If the biggest planet on our solar system are not exist, maybe the condition of earth same like that, not exist.

Nature is also a teacher, a true teacher. It is right we studying from our teacher. But, our teacher studying from his teacher which maybe a lecturer or professor. At the last, who is the first teacher? Who is the teachers of teachers? It is nature. Every knowledge are from nature. They saw stars and moon, they become astronomer. They saw a plants and trees around them, and they become botanist, they looking for the cause of a thing, and they become philosopher. As a human, a teacher could lie or made a mistake to his student, but nature not. They show what happened, and never made a mistake or lie in a phenomenon. It is absolute knowledge which no one can’t deny.

What can I’ve learned from nature is that this world is perfect and beautiful. “He” Making this nature is very systematic. Let’s see around. There are billions of galaxy, which also have billions of stars. But, they are running properly, don’t destruct each other. You know, it is impossible to created world like this (precision at calculation of each objects) without any mistakes. So what I conclude is someone has created this nature, someone who very big, very glorious, and very perfect. “He” gives to mankind freely, even if we ruin it, he still gives the best.

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2017

Favourite 'Melos'


Hmmm.. So, to-Hmmm… Oh! From the title of this post, it’s tell about “Favourite Melos”, what is melos? It just the latin for song. So today I will tell you my favourite song. 

Of course everyone has his own favourite song. They like because of something at that song, maybe from its singer, or composer, or the meaning from its lyric. So, the songs that I like it seems a little different from the others. Before I mention the title of the song, I like to tell the genre first. Can you mention it? Okay :(, I start to talk by myself. The genre is hmm. Honestly, I don’t know the genre hehe, but it is an instrumental song. It is the OST from movie named Spirited Away. And the title of the song is Inochi no Namae but I prefer to say The Name of Life. You can see the song below or on the widget (top right).


Oh God!, If someone asked me the meaning of the song, it is like love. You can’t describe it with word, but you can feel the warm on it. This song is so emotional, it give me a psychological motivation about life. “What is the meaning of my life”, that question always comes up to my mind. Oh, I also like to play this song on piano especially on dusk,that is when the sun goes down, best time to self-introspection. So, what I want to say is this song makes me calm.

Senin, 09 Januari 2017


Hello guys, how was your holiday, Is it fun? Or is it boring? I don't know what you feel, but i know one thing, that is the holiday time is very short, So, I think this post will bit of 'astral post' cause i don't know what to write on this post, but i have a task, so i would like to tell my last holiday.

Okayyy. So, before my holiday, I was given the report of the first semester in my highschool. I cant tell it whether it was satisfy or not. I just can take it as it comes. After that, I just rot in my room. Oh, sometimes I played with my old friend, it was fun, because we play zombie games together, but because we had finished it previous, so we don’t play for long time. 

Hmmm,, Oh!!, I’ve been going to Jakarta, but I don’t know whether it was holiday or not, coz the reason I went to Jakarta is for ‘tahlilan’,  you know, tahlilan is activity that you pray to the god for those who has passed away. I stayed there for 1 day, then I went to bekasi for met my siblings. We don’t overnight there, so we continue our ‘holiday’ to somewhere in Bekasi. Then, we decided to go to Summarecon. We havent go there yet cause my home is on Bandung. Miraculously, when I tell to my friend that I want to go to Summarecon, my friend was on there!  So we decided to meet and play together. We met on Summarecon, and we play game as same as we play on Bandung. Its maimai!!. Fortunately, we didn’t queued so long, just one turn. You know, if you play it on Bandung, you must to wait 10 people. Actually, so boring to wait it. But if you want to play, you must do it. Bla bla bla bla, we separated, and I go to my father’s office. It was very relaxed because nobody is there. It was like you conquered the office. But a few moments later, my father decided to not overnight there, because my father told me that was a strange event, my father’s friend was posessed by ‘something’. It was done two times, so my father afraid that will be something happened. Bla bla bla bla, we finally arrived at home, yeayyy! *flat*.

 Okay, I think that’s all I want to tell, Thankyou~ don’t forget to keep your spirit on your study.

Senin, 07 November 2016


Do you know who Fetih is? Fetih is son of Sultan Murad II, sultan who ruled the Ottoman Empire since the year 1451 ad. Fetih real name is Muhammad al-Fatih. He was born at 30 March 1432 in Edirne, and passed away at 3 May 1481 in Hünkârçayırı. As a child, Fetih was spoiled and lazy learning. but Fetih began seriously studied after his father brought some teahcher such Shaykh Ahmad ibn Ismail al-Kurani, and others. At the time of his youth, he studied religion, languange, physial geography, astronomy, and history. Fetih grew into someone who was expert at war an smart riding, an expert in science and mathemathics, and master 6 languanges since the age of 21. He has goal to conquering Constantinople when he was 12 years old. Constantinople is called Istanbul now. Constantinople was the safest and wealthiest city, the walls itself can't be conquered for a long time. Also, Prophet Muhammad said the importance of Constantinople for the glory of Islam. This is why Fetih would like to conquered this city.

When war, shalat is still the duty for muslim

Fetih with his teacher plotting an attack on Constantinople on Friday, 6 April 1453. But before that, Fetih sent a message to Constantinople's King to become a muslim or hand over the city in peace or war. Constantinople reply that they will still keep the city. On Thursday, 5 April 1453, Fetih and 250.000 army was going to attack. On that night, Fetih preached about the importance of Jihad.

The walls has 10m height, it wasnt easy to uprooted. Also, around the walls also has the trench which has 7 meters width. Days to weeks, the walls cant be broken. Although it has collapsed, it will be immediately repaired. Another way was tried by digging tunnels under the castle, caused quite a panic city, but also failed.

The 40th day, Fetih was very depressed because he know he doesnt had any advantage yet, and has not made significant changes. He was visited by his syekh, and his syekh gave some lesson to Fetih. Also, Syekh reassure to Fetih that he is the one who promised by prophet. Finally, Fetih's spirit back and the next day, he attack Constantinople's walls with full power. 

On 29 May 1453, Constantinople was fall to Ottoman Empire, many army both from Fetih's army and Constantinople's army were dead. Fortunately, Fetih didnt kill even one citizen which innocent. Instead, he gives a peaceful for the kingdom, without touching they religion and treasure. That day became a historic day for Muslim, and now, Constantinople called Istanbul. The day after tomorrow, Rome will fall to Islam, and that day hasnt happened yet, but it has been promised by Prophet.

"Constantinople would fall into the hands of Islam. Leaders who conquer it, is the best of leaders and the troops under his command is the best of troops."


Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

Place Where Dream would Come True

Announcement to student all over Indonesia!!...

How was your school? is it fun? is it boring? or is it confused??

Today, i want to announce to you all who want to make a better future. I know you all have a dream. Maybe you want to become a Architect, maybe you want to become Doctor, or maybe some of you want to become high-official like minister or president. We are from SHS 3 Bandung. This is a place where you can start your journey, place where you can open a new page on your life, place where dream would come true, and where you can change the world.

At SHS 3 Bandung, you can do all of that, you can become a part of worlds revolution, and you can make yourself proud of. Come and become one of us on Early July, 2017. Located on SHS 3 Bandung.

So, what are you waiting for, 32020? Come and join us to make a better future

Now, you should choose.

Stay and Play, or Walk Away

BTWW!!! sorry if it wasnt look like an announcement, yes it because of my fault, so srryy